Is Lainey Wilson “borderline psycho?” No, she’s just got a “Heart Like a Truck”


If you talk to Lainey Wilson, you’ll likely realize that “Heart Like a Truck” is a lot more than just her latest hit.

It reflects the steely determination that kept the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year going when it looked like she’d never make it. 

“There’s definitely been times where I probably should have given up. I mean, common sense would tell you to take it to the house and be done,” she laughs. “I guess I was a little borderline psycho. I don’t really know.”

“But I hope people can see that, you know, first of all, nothing happens overnight,” she tells ABC Audio. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease at the end of the day. Like, if it’s in your heart and in your soul, then stick it out.”

As Lainey uses “Heart Like a Truck” to inspire others, she also remembers how her own strong will played out in her career.

“Every time somebody told me no, I never actually took it as a no,” she confesses. “I always took it as, well, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to even get in front of them in the first place if it was really a no.”

“It’s a yes, they just don’t know it’s a yes yet,” she says, laughing again.  

This week, Lainey confirmed she’ll head out with her “wait in the truck” partner HARDY on the fall leg of his the mockingbird & THE CROW tour.

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