Feed your cats and puppies Trisha Yearwood’s new animal food

Dominik Bindl / Contributor

Not only is Trisha Yearwood well known for her many hits, she’s also known for providing tasty and wholesome food for animals. That’s why the “How Do I Live” singer has announced the extension of her Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection with a new line of cat food and specially formulated puppy food.

“All of our food is formulated for animals of all ages,” Trisha shared on her Coffee Talk Facebook series on Saturday, March 11, before adding a little disclaimer about the puppy food.

“So the regular dog food is fine to give your puppy. But a lot of people want a specific puppy food, so this was also formulated for a puppy. But I mix the dog food with the puppy for all my dogs. That also makes it easier to feed everybody. They love it,” Trisha said.

Fans and pet owners can shop the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection at its online store.

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