A new Cole Swindell track is dropping Friday


Get ready for new Cole Swindell music. The country star has shared on Instagram that a brand new song, “Broken,” is dropping March 17.

While not much is revealed about the track, Cole teased a clip of the chorus, which goes, “‘Cause your heart wasn’t made to be broken/ Wasn’t meant to be in pieces/ It was made to be loved on by someone who’d never leave it/ Wasn’t made to be left out in the middle of the pouring rain/ I know you been there but girl this ain’t yesterday/ And I’m going to show ya/ That baby your heart wasn’t made to be broken/ Wasn’t made to be broken.”

“Broken” will be the latest preview of Cole’s forthcoming deluxe album, Stereotype Broken. Arriving on April 28, the 17-song record will include his current single, “Drinkaby,” as well as his latest hit, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.”

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