Luke Combs is grateful for his “5 Leaf Clover”

River House Artists/Columbia Nashville

Luke Combs is a lucky man, and he’s reflecting on that in his new song, “5 Leaf Clover.”

Penned by Luke, Chase McGill and Jessi Alexander, the track finds the country star counting his blessings for the beautiful life he has.

“I know I’m a lucky man, but I ain’t sure why I am/ ‘Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves the world in the palm of their hand/ Now I hit my knees, thankful as can be/ But the one thing I can’t get over/ How’d a guy like me, who’d have been fine with three/ Wind up with a five-leaf clover?” Luke sings in the midtempo chorus.

“One of the 1st times I ever played 5 Leaf Clover, and y’all have politely let me know to release it ever since. Haha. I’m glad to say it’s now out everywhere, and I hope y’all love it!” Luke writes in an Instagram post alongside a performance video of “5 Leaf Clover.”

“‘I know I’m a lucky man but I ain’t sure why I am.’ My wife, son, family, friends, and Y’ALL are some of the biggest reasons why I’m a lucky man,” he adds. “And I’ll be forever grateful to y’all for giving me the opportunity to get to do something I love – create and play country music. Thank you!”

“5 Leaf Clover” is the latest preview of Luke’s forthcoming album, Gettin’ Old, which drops on March 24. 

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