Thomas Rhett hasn’t forgotten about ‘Side B’


Remember when Thomas Rhett released Country Again: Side A in April 2021 and promised a companion album, Country Again: Side B?

Well, plans shifted, live concerts became a thing again and Thomas started gravitating toward crafting uptempo and live show-ready songs. That’s why fans received his latest record, Where We Started, instead of a Side A follow-up.

But that doesn’t mean Thomas has forgotten about his traditional-leaning project. It’s still in the works, and he’s planning to release it.

“‘Anything Cold’ was written for live. ‘Bring the Bar to You’ was written for live. ‘Half of Me’ was written for live. ‘Paradise’ was written for a live show. ‘Somebody Like Me’ was written for live” Thomas shares, as he name-drops several tracks from 2022’s Where We Started.

“I would say half was written for the live show, and I would say the ones that are a little more Side A-ish were probably supposed to be a part of Side B,” he adds. “And so, I hope we get to get on the road this year and really finish out Side B the way that I want it to sound, and hopefully put that record out.”

Thomas is currently climbing up the country charts with his single, “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings).”

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