Megan Moroney’s mom was shocked after hearing “Tennessee Orange”


Fans may have fallen in love with Megan Moroney‘s debut single, “Tennessee Orange,” but the song was not one her mom loved the first time she heard it.

“Mama” was shocked that her Georgia daughter actually wore a T-shirt representing another state.

“I wrote the song. I sent it to my mom and she immediately called me and was like, ‘What’s going on? Tell me, tell me the story is not true.’ But yeah, Georgia girl and wearing Tennessee. Disappointing a little bit,” Megan recalls with a laugh.

Her mom’s reaction, however, did not surprise her. In fact, it served as the inspiration for “Tennessee Orange.”

“I had on a Tennessee shirt and when I put it on, I had not — I’m a Georgia girl, so I’ve never worn an Alabama shirt. I’ve never worn a Florida Gators shirt, Tennessee shirt, never put any of those on,” Megan recalls. “And I had a Tennessee shirt on and … I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘My mother would be very disappointed in me right now.’ And I knew since it evoked such a strong emotion for me that I could write a song about it.” 

“Tennessee Orange” is currently number 16 and rising on the country charts.

Megan’s debut album, Lucky, arrives on May 5.

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