You can “Bank” on it: Hannah Dasher’s back with new music

Jeremy Ryan

Hot off her latest appearance on the Rachael Ray ShowHannah Dasher‘s premiering her new track, “Cryin’ All the Way to the Bank,” exclusively with ABC Audio.

With her first new music since 2021’s The Half Record, the Georgia-born force of nature tells a classic country cheatin’ story of marriage gone wrong and divorce gone right. She jokes it’s loosely based on her own family. 

“It was one of those hooks that kinda fell out of the sky, and it was too obvious,” she tells ABC Audio. “I can’t believe no one else had ever written it before.”

“And my father’s been married three times,” Hannah continues, “and let’s just say he’s done well for himself. But my stepmother is also on her third husband, and she took the last two for all they were worth.”

“Anyhow, she and Daddy didn’t sign a prenup, so I just knew that I had to put those fears into song,” she laughs.

The Stand By Your Pan viral phenomenon adds the new track’s definitely one for the ladies.

“I felt like there were women out there who have been done wrong and I’ve been cheated on,” Hannah confesses, “and I always fall for the poor boys. But in this case, he’s a rich boy.”

“It was kinda my ‘Buy Me a Boat’ or my ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’,” she reflects. “It had that kind of an energy to it as we were writing it.”  

You can listen to “Cryin’ All the Way to the Bank” exclusively via ABC Audio now, before it’s officially available to stream or download Friday.

You can also check out Hannah’s Wednesday appearance with Rachael Ray, discussing her weight loss journey and making her biscuits that became a TikTok sensation. 

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