Darius Rucker believes that “Fires Don’t Start Themselves”

UMG Nashville

Darius Rucker has dropped a new single, “Fires Don’t Start Themselves.”

Composed by Dan IsbellBen Hayslip and Jacob Rice, the song features a nostalgic ’90s country-inspired production with infectious guitar lines. 

“So, let’s drink what’s left of this bottle of wine/ Move a little closer ’til the sparks start flyin’/ Turn the lights down low and pull the Conway off of the shelf/ Then we’ll dance through the kitchen and straight down the hall/ Let my old blue jeans and your sundress fall/ Girl, we’re holding the lighter/ And fires don’t start themselves,” Darius sings in the seductive chorus.

“When I first heard ‘Fires Don’t Start Themselves,’ the hook immediately got me,” Darius recalls. “The beginning of the chorus, ‘Let’s drink what’s left of this’ is classic ’90s country. I love it!”

“Fires Don’t Start Themselves” will be on Darius’ forthcoming album, Carolyn’s Boy.

On Sunday, April 2, Darius will appear on the 2023 CMT Music Awards to perform a duet of “She Talks to Angels” with The Black Crowes.

“I’ve been a fan of The Black Crowes for decades, and I’m grateful that we’ve also become good friends over the years. The first time I heard ‘She Talks to Angels,’ I remember being so moved by the lyrics that I went around Columbia, South Carolina, asking every single bar to play it,” Darius shares.

“I went home that night and put on Bonnie Raitt’s Home Plate, and decided I was going to try to write ‘She Talks to Angels’ for her. ‘Let Her Cry’ was what poured out of me,” he continues. “These guys have been so impactful on my career and I can’t wait to share the CMT stage with them.”

On the tour front, Darius will kick off his Starting Fires Tour on June 15.

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