Miranda Lambert reveals the “showstopper” recipe in her cookbook


Searching high and low for the perfect dessert for Easter? Fret not, Miranda Lambert’s got you covered with a delicious, “showstopper” recipe. 

“One recipe in my ‘Y’all Eat Yet?’ cookbook that’s a real showstopper is the Hummingbird Cake,” she reveals on Twitter. “The first time I made it was for the Countryfest Cakewalk in Lindale. It’s a great one for Easter, so y’all can preorder the book + get the cake recipe here: http://m.cmpgn.page/FXtBQv.

Miranda’s debut cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet? Welcome to The Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen, arrives April 25. The collection will feature both recipes and family stories, inspired by her mother, grandmother and her mother’s close group of girlfriends.

“Watching my mom and her friends, I saw the way pitching in, working together, loving music and being there for each other is the greatest gift you can have in life,” shares Miranda. “I think my mom inherited that gift from her mom, because they both attracted the most awesome group of girlfriends.”

Other recipes in Miranda’s cookbook include Nonny’s Banana Pudding, Stacked Enchilada Bake, Jalapeño Pimento Cheese, Roasted Root Vegetable Winter Salad and Whiskey Cupcakes.

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