Lucie Silvas says John Osborne is “truly the best caretaker”


Brothers Osborne‘s John Osborne and his wife, Lucie Silvas, have returned with their twins from their second stay at the NICU.

John and Lucie welcomed Arthur and Maybelle on March 21. However, Lucie shared on Instagram on April 8 that the newborns had returned to the NICU again.

“Back and forth to NICU but looking forward to being at home yet again. This babies are so so strong. Like their Mum and dad. John is working hard and coming home tomorrow to be with our little babies,” Lucie wrote, before praising her husband. “So proud of him , for working tirelessly on @brothersosborne new music and other projects… but he is truly the best care taker of me and the twins and it’s totally blown me away, even tho I’m not surprised.” 

“I’m so proud of you Artie and May – you’re already so strong cause we stayed strong for you and never gave up,” she continued. “This is the biggest lesson in self love and care I’ve ever had in 45 years on this planet…. they taught me that, and they deserve a mother who does that , for me, for them, for our family. Thank you for the love and support.”

Arthur and Maybelle were discharged on Sunday, April 9, just in time for Easter.

“EASTER SUNDAY AND WE ARE FAMILY!!! Home [ward] bound,” Lucie posted in an Instagram story. In her latest Instagram post, she added, “Ok. Round 2. Bye Bye NICU. You are all incredible … We’re so eternally grateful… will never forget you, and we never wanna see you ever again!”

On the music front, Brothers Osborne released their three-song Nobody’s Nobody Sampler on April 7, with a full-length album arriving later this year.

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