Lainey Wilson recalls how “Heart Like A Truck” started on the “wrong foot”

Weiss Eubanks/NBC

Lainey Wilson recently celebrated her third career number one hit with “Heart Like A Truck.”

The autobiographical song, which Lainey co-wrote with Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, is now an anthem of strength and perseverance. While it’s hard to imagine “Heart Like A Truck” with an “upbeat” tempo, Lainey reveals that was how it originally sounded and was the result of getting off on the “wrong foot.”

“At first, we kind of started with the wrong foot forward. We started writing the song in more kind of like a rock and upbeat way, like, ‘I got a heart, like a truck. Let me show you how tough I am,'” Lainey tells ABC Audio.

But after pausing and reflecting, Lainey, Trannie and Dallas knew they had to slow things down to be true to the song’s message and its future listeners.

“We kind of took a step back and we said, you know, ‘Are we being honest with ourselves? Are we being honest with the people who are going to be hearing the song?’ And the truth was, we weren’t,” Lainey says. “We had to check ourselves for a second. And so we just kind of pulled back the layers and talked about finding freedom and strength, and it really became a song of triumph.”

“Heart Like A Truck” is featured on Lainey’s latest album, Bell Bottom Country, which arrived in November 2022.

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