Niko Moon + Zac Brown have a new song coming out

Erika Goldring / Stringer

Niko Moon has teamed up with Zac Brown for his upcoming new song, “HEAVEN HAS A BAR.”

Niko announced the collaboration in a video on Twitter this week.

The clip opens with Niko saying, “Hey, what’s goin’ on y’all? I’m Niko Moon and my new song ‘HEAVEN HAS A BAR’ featuring…” before Zac Brown pops up from behind him. The two burst into laughter, before telling fans that the song drops on April 21.

Niko’s latest songs are “FOR LILY” and “I CAN’T WAIT TO LOVE YOU” featuring his wife, Anna Moon. Both tracks dropped in September 2022. The singer’s debut album, GOOD TIME, arrived in 2021.

Presave “HEAVEN HAS A BAR” now. 

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