Morgan Wallen’s brewing something with Ryl Tea


Morgan Wallen has teased an upcoming partnership with Ryl Tea. 

“I’m excited to announce that I’m working with The Ryl Company to bring you guys something special real soon,” Morgan shares in a video on Instagram. “They do iced tea better than anyone else and man, does this bring me back to my childhood days. We have a lot of stuff coming up, and I just want to make sure you follow them on the socials to stay tuned.”

The post also features a photo of Morgan and The Ryl Company’s founder, Blodin Ukella, holding up their cans of Ryl Tea.

A zero-sugar and zero-calorie beverage, Ryl Tea combines the classic taste of homemade Southern iced tea with “healthy tea polyphenols.” According to Ryl’s website, “polyphenols” as “natural chemical compounds found in tea leaves that act as antioxidants and can help control the damaging effect of free radicals in your body.”

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