Jackson Dean brings “Fearless” to ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Chad Wadsworth/CBS

Jackson Dean recently performed his anthemic new single, “Fearless,” on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Donning his signature black hat, Jackson brought his raspy vocals to the show as he sang, “‘Cause I’m fearless/ I’ll jump off the ledges/ Burn all the bridges, walk on the edges/ I’m fearless/ I don’t mind the shadows Take all the arrows, ride in the echoes/ And I don’t mind the night/ I don’t mind the fight, even if I lose/ I’ve got thick skin, I’ll dive in, I’m fearless/ Except when it comes to you.” 

The song was penned by the fast-rising newcomer alongside Luke Dick and Jonathan Scott Sherwood.

“Fearless” is featured on Jackson’s 2022 debut album, Greenbroke, as well as his recently released live record, Live at the Ryman.

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