Michael Ray’s new music will chronicle his “last three years”

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Michael Ray‘s not holding back on honesty in his upcoming batch of music.

The singer, who recently dropped his new song “Get Her Back,” is slated to release a six-song EP titled Dive Bars & Broken Hearts. Produced by Michael Knox (Jason AldeanHank Williams Jr. and Montgomery Gentry), the project is his first set of new music since 2021’s Higher Education EP.

“We wanted to really put in a lot of attention to give every song what it deserves, so we’re shooting videos for them,” Michael tells ABC Audio of his soon-to-be-released music. “We’re really going to tell the story because a lot of this is kind of where I’ve been the last three years. It’s also where I am currently about just being honest about life.”

On top of the candid storytelling, Michael’s Dive Bars & Broken Hearts EP will hone in on the ’80s and ’90s country sound prominently featured in his latest chart-topping hit, “Whiskey And Rain.”

“[With] ‘Whiskey And Rain,’ we saw the biggest numbers that we’ve ever seen,” Michael shares. “This is working, so let’s double down on this. Now we’re focused, so I’m excited to get it out and just for people to hear where I’ve been and what’s been up.” 

Michael’s Dive Bars & Broken Hearts EP arrives June 23. While you wait, watch the cinematic “Get Her Back” music video on YouTube.

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