Enjoy some of Miranda Lambert’s cornbread muffins


Ahead of her upcoming cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet?Miranda Lambert is sharing with People a peek at her delectable Cornbread Muffins With Sausage & Cheddar recipe.

“Living on the road for 20 years, I really appreciate home cooking — especially straight-up comfort food. You don’t get to enjoy it that much when you travel for a living,” Miranda tells People. “When I’m back in my kitchen, I love making these warm and hearty muffins with corn, sausage and melty cheese. It tastes like home to me.”

In terms of ingredients, Miranda’s recipe involves cornbread mix, hot pork sausage, whole kernel corn, green chiles and sharp cheddar cheese, among others. The entire baking process is estimated to take 40 minutes and will feed 12 people.

To view the full recipe, visit People.

Miranda’s Y’all Eat Yet? hits stores Tuesday, April 25.

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