Wanna get married? Miranda Lambert’s “anti-bougie cookbook” may hold the secret

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On Tuesday, April 25, Miranda Lambert‘s long-awaited “anti-bougie cookbook,”Y’all Eat Yet? Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen, arrives. 

While the ACM Entertainer of the Year may not be the first person you’d expect to share recipes, she points out the collection’s not really that much of a stretch.

“It’s very approachable,” Miranda tells ABC Audio. “And I have spent my whole adult life telling stories as a songwriter, and I think this is just another way to tell stories is through a cookbook and through recipes.”

And what exactly does she mean by Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen?

“I grew up with this amazing group of ladies that taught me a lot about life and how to handle it as it comes, and a lot of those lessons were learned around the table,” Miranda explains, admitting those women tend to do more of the cooking, while she’s mainly the mixologist.

Of course, Miranda’s mom, Beverly, is chief among the cookbook’s contributors, offering one recipe that allegedly has a very specific side effect. 

“Her light shines on her meatloaf and it’s like the one that gets the ring,” Miranda says. “I mean, every one of our friends that’s ever been in a serious relationship, you make the loaf, you get engaged is just how it goes.”

“Worked for me twice,” she laughs. “It’s her ‘famous loaf,’ she calls it, because it was editor’s pick in Southern Living in 2010. And she will always tell you that.” 

Y’all Eat Yet? is just part of Miranda’s burgeoning lifestyle empire, which includes the Wanda June Home line at Walmart, Idyllwind clothing, her Red 55 Winery and her Pink Pistol boutique in Lindale, Texas. 

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