Enjoy Paula Deen’s Lemon Curd Pudding in 30 minutes

Aaron Davidson / Stringer

If you’re craving something sweet and tart, you’ll have to check out Paula Deen‘s Lemon Curd Pudding recipe. 

Paula recently posted an Instagram video of her making her Lemon Curd Pudding from scratch, accompanied by the official recipe in the post caption.

“I’m making a treat for my grandchildren, y’all. I had this request for my Lemon Curd Pudding. And I have found that my grandchildren like tart things,” Paula said in the opening of her video, before adding with a laugh, “Maybe that’s why they like their grandmom. Tart!”

Paula’s recipe will take 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. In terms of ingredients, all you’ll need is grated lemon zest, egg yolks, beaten egg whites, flour, salt, sugar and milk.

For the full recipe, check out Paula’s Instagram and website.

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