Russell Dickerson’s “God Gave Me A Girl” was inspired by his love story

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Russell Dickerson‘s “God Gave Me A Girl” is his life story encapsulated in a song.

Penned by Russell, Ashley GorleyChase McGill and Zach Crowell, the uptempo love song chronicles the highs and lows Russell experienced before realizing the gift he had all along — the love of his life, wife Kailey.

“We broke up back in college. We had just graduated, actually. And I was out on the road. I was playing show after show just like, ‘I’m going to live this rock star dream until the wheels fall off,'” Russell recalls in an interview with ABC Audio. “And it literally took about a month to where I was like, ‘What am I doing?’ And that was kind of that a-ha moment of, like in the first verse, it’s talking about [pouring] my heart out to empty bars [that left] me with a broken heart. And then the chorus is like, ‘No, God gave me a girl.'”

It’s hard for Russell to imagine life and a music career without Kailey. On top of being his muse, Kailey’s also been a tremendous help to him on the road during his early touring days.

“That girl helped me,” says Russell. “Oh, I mean, she inspired ‘Yours,’ obviously. All of my songs. She came on the road, she helped out, she drove the van, she sold the merch, and it was just that without her, we wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“God Gave Me A Girl” is Russell’s latest single off his self-titled third album.

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