Did Jelly Roll just say he’s more excited about his ABC documentary than his album?

ABC/Stewart Cook

Jelly Roll‘s got two big projects rolling out soon: His debut country album, Whitsitt Chapel, and his ABC News Studio-produced documentary, Jelly Roll: Save Me.

The documentary will offer fans an inside look at Jelly Roll’s life from his early years battling addiction and mental health struggles, to spending time behind bars to rising up to music stardom.

“They left no stone unturned. They spent a lot of time with me,” Jelly Roll tells ABC Audio of his documentary. “The best part is I have no clue what’s going on because it’s an ABC News project. It’s not like a collaborative documentary. I’m used to being a part of things, where it’s like, ‘Hey, let me see something and give some opinions.’ Like, nope. We just trust them to tell the story as we presented it,” he explains. “I’ll be watching it for the first time with everybody.”

With the countless hours the production crew spent with Jelly Roll, he realizes he’s in for a surprise, too, because he doesn’t “remember what all they caught.”

“That’s another thing. You spend that many hours together,” recalls Jelly Roll. “I [had] just seen the two-minute teaser and … it was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so glad they were there for that.’ I totally forgot they were there for that moment. They were there for so many big moments [and] so many career firsts for me.”

With the album and documentary releasing soon, Jelly Roll reveals which project he’s most excited for. “Man, the documentary. This is big. You know, this don’t get no bigger.” 

Jelly Roll: Save Me premieres on Hulu May 30, and Whitsitt Chapel arrives June 2. 

Jelly Roll’s currently in the top 15 of the country charts with his single, “NEED A FAVOR.”

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