Dierks Bentley + Lainey Wilson join for sultry Hot Country Knights duet, “Herassmeant”

Courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

Dierks Bentley‘s parody band Hot Country Knights have returned with two new songs: “MidKnight Rodeo” and “Herassmeant.”

Featuring Lainey Wilson‘s alter ego Darla McFarland, “Herassmeant” is a tongue-in-cheek play on “harassment” and Lainey’s behind.

“Yeah, seems like everybody is talking about harassment these days and the Knights do not tolerate that stuff,” lead singer Doug Douglason (Dierks Bentley) says. “You gotta treat your lady right, tell her how you feel about her, respect her, love on her.”

“My old flame Darla McFarland, who most people will remember from Teazers down in Murfreesboro, was itching to sing on this one,” adds Dough. “She knew she was the inspiration, so how could we say no? Darla is the best damn country singer of the last three decades, in my opinion. Everybody better get down to Tower Records before the CDs are sold out.”

“Nothin’ hits better in country music than authenticity,” shares Darla. “Seeing how I was the inspiration behind this song, I thought I’d help Doug make a good song great.”

This is the first set of new music Hot Country Knights have released after their 2020 debut album, The K Is Silent.

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