Dustin Lynch is ecstatic about his debut Nashville Pool Situation at CMA Fest

John Medina/Getty Images

Dustin Lynch‘s ready to go into full “party mode” with his first Pool Situation party in Nashville during CMA Fest.

“This is one of those, like, ‘Duh, how did we not think of that until now? We should have a Pool Situation at CMA Fest,'” Dustin tells ABC Audio. “I hope [it’s] something that goes off well and fans have fun at and appreciate. I think they will.”

He teases, “I mean, I’m going to try and have as many guest artists as I can to join. It seems like a great opportunity to have some friends come out and join us. As every Pool Situation goes, the crowd dictates how crazy they get.”

Looking ahead, Dustin’s dreaming big for the longevity of his summery Pool Situation. 

“I would love for it to become an annual event, and just keep it special [and] continue to do Situations elsewhere,” shares Dustin.

“We’ve done one in Las Vegas, we do one down in Mexico every year, and hopefully, that type of brand keeps growing for us. But Nashville seems like a great platform and an easy one,” the “Stars Like Confetti” singer notes. “You know, fans are already there. It’s kind of a built-in roster of artists already around town.”

Dustin Lynch Pool Situation: Nashville takes place June 10 at Margaritaville Hotel Nashville.

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