For Tyler Hubbard, Fourth of July’s about being “thankful for the country we live in”

ABC/Connie Chornuk

With the Fourth of July coming up, “Dancin’ In The Country” hitmaker Tyler Hubbard is sharing what the day means to him.

“Yeah, I love the Fourth of July. A lot of great memories growing up, watching fireworks, being with family, hanging out,” Tyler tells the press. “And even to this day, we have a tradition where we try to go to Sun Valley where my wife is from and hang out in the mountains and take the kids and just spend a week out there just kind of enjoying life and taking it all in.”

But Independence Day isn’t all about fireworks and activities for Tyler. It goes deeper than that.

“Obviously, we still love to do the fireworks and hang out, but also just kind of reflect and be thankful for the country we live in, the sacrifices made so that we can live here and be free and it’s just a special, special holiday,” Tyler says.

“We’re always so grateful and thankful for the people who served this country and the sacrifice that’s made with their families and everything else, and pay honor and tribute to those who fight so hard for that freedom,” he adds.

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