Dierks Bentley’s got high praise for Jordan Davis + Molly Tuttle

ABC/Connie Chornuk

Dierks Bentley is currently on the road on his Gravel & Gold Tour. 

The trek, which kicked off earlier in June, has so far been one of Dierks’ favorite tours, from performing onstage for fans to watching Jordan Davis side stage and everything in between.

“The road is so fun. I mean, I probably say that about every tour. [But] I can’t imagine any touring being more fun than this,” Dierks says, before raving about Jordan. “I was watching the first night and to see the crowd react the way they did, it just makes my job so easy. It’s like, he’s got them just teed up and having a big party. I get to go out there and it’s so easy. So the tour’s never been more fun.”

Jordan isn’t the only artist Dierk’s impressed by. He’s also got high praise for Grammy-winning bluegrass artist Molly Tuttle, who he’s tapped to open on various dates.

“I’m a huge bluegrass fan. So to have that, like, artistic moment first where I’m out there watching her, obviously, and watching the crowd and some people are going, ‘OK, I’ve never heard of this artist, and a lot of banjo.’ But by, like, song three, they’re totally in,” shares Dierks.

He adds, “I’m so happy for those fans ’cause they’re going to go home and be like, ‘I heard of an artist named Molly Tuttle.’ And one of their friends is going to be like, ‘You know, she just won the Grammy this year for [Best Bluegrass Album]. … Wow, that’s so cool you saw them.'”

To see Dierks on his Gravel & Gold Tour, visit his website.

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