Cody Johnson teases Carrie Underwood duet, reveals he “didn’t want to record it” with anyone else

ABC/Larry McCormack

Collaborating with Carrie Underwood has been a long time coming for Cody Johnson.

Though not much is known about their upcoming duet, Cody shares that getting to record it with Carrie has been a full-circle moment.

“The song in particular — and I won’t go into too much detail about it because I’d like to save some sizzle of surprise for you guys — from the moment I heard the song and this was six years ago, I wanted to record it and I wanted to do a duet with Carrie because I heard her voice on it,” Cody tells the press.

“The artist that wrote the song, the label said, ‘We’re holding that for him,’ so I didn’t get the song. It didn’t work out for him, it went into her pile. It didn’t work out for her record,” he recounts. “So it went back out into the stratosphere of who wants to record this and I said, ‘Whatever happened to that song that that guy wrote?’ And they said, ‘Well, it never got recorded.’ And I said, ‘I want Carrie Underwood on it.’

In fact, Cody didn’t have other female artists in mind for the track. There was no plan B.

“What if she says no? What about this artist? What about this female artist? This female artist?” Cody recalls the questions his team posed him. “I said, ‘I didn’t want to record it unless I can have Carrie on it.'”

Cody’s duet with Carrie will be featured on his upcoming album. His latest record, Human: The Double Album, spawned the #1 hit, “‘Til You Can’t.”

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