Hailey Whitters shares the backstory of her career-changing single, “Everything She Ain’t”

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Hailey Whitters‘ “Everything She Ain’t” is fast becoming a hit on country radio. 

However, perhaps unbeknownst to many, the spirited track, which Hailey wrote with Bryan Simpson and Ryan Tyndell, almost never saw the light of day.

“[‘Everything She Ain’t’] has been such an interesting song in my career in general. You know, I wrote that song. It literally came out in like an hour and a half, which never happens. You don’t really get a song that quick. And then I thought my record was done. So I didn’t even think it would be on the record,” Hailey tells ABC Audio.

The tracklist of Hailey’s Raised was set in stone — or so she thought. That changed when she met with Seth England, partner and CEO of her label home, Big Loud Records.

“We had a meeting with the label and we played them the record and Seth England was like, ‘Okay, you got anything else that you think we need to hear?’ And my producer Jake Gear played ‘Everything She Ain’t’ and Seth was like, ‘That’s the song. Put that on the record. We got to have it,'” Hailey recalls.

“Everything She Ain’t” is currently #17 and rising on the country charts.

To catch Hailey on tour this summer, visit her website.

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