Maddie & Tae’s Maddie enters third trimester, talks pregnancy + cravings

Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

Maddie & Tae‘s Maddie Font has entered the final trimester of her pregnancy and is excited about the impending arrival of her first child in September.

So far, “pregnancy has been good” for the country singer, except for having to endure the summer heat “with a big belly.”

“We are mostly prepped,” shares Maddie, before admitting to “indulging” in some of her favorite sweet treats.

“I haven’t had any weird cravings, but I have been indulging. I’m in my third trimester, so I really only get to eat like crap for the next 12 weeks,” she says with a laugh. “Regular Oreos, ice cream, snow cones. Oh, all the good things!”

In April, Maddie shared that she and her husband, Jonah Font, were expecting their first child — a son.

On the music front, Maddie & Tae recently released their powerful new song, “Heart They Didn’t Break.”

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