Michael Ray wants you to pick his next single

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Ever wanted to pick an artist’s single on country radio? Well, here’s your chance.

Michael Ray is turning to his fans for their input on what his next single should be. 

“Ok y’all, woke up thinking about this. What song off ‘Dive bars and broken hearts’ do you think should be my next single to country radio?” Michael tweeted.

Dive Bars & Broken Hearts arrived in June and is Michael’s latest EP.

Of the project, Michael shares, “When I was trying to decide what to call this project, I wanted something that stripped it back to the frame. Dive Bars & Broken Hearts is me getting to the sound I’ve always heard in my head, something that’s played on a jukebox or a bandstand in a bar somewhere just outside of town.”

Have a song you think should be Michael’s next single? Let him know by replying to his tweet.

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