Conner Smith says “Creek Will Rise” is “everything I love about country music”

Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

“Creek Will Rise” is fast proving to be Conner Smith‘s breakout single, and it’s not hard to imagine why with its upbeat, swampy production and Conner’s high-energy vocal delivery.

“‘Creek Will Rise’ is as fast as I can get a song,” says Conner, who wrote the track with Parker WellingChase McGill and Chris LaCorete. “This is the first song that we felt like captured my live show. My live show is as much energy as you could imagine. I always say, if there’s a flat surface, I’m going to find a way to stand on it.”

“When I get on a stage, I take so much pride and want to give everyone who bought a ticket the most fun possible,” Conner tells ABC Audio. “And so the whole band and myself, we just try to throw a party and I think ‘Creek Will Rise’ is the first song that captured that.”

Beyond the tempo, Conner says “Creek Will Rise” also encapsulates “everything I love about country music.”

“It’s a great story, it takes you on a journey, it’s upbeat, it’s made for the summer and the fans right away just really have taken hold of this song,” he shares. “I cannot wait to see the life that this one has.”

“Creek Will Rise” is in the top 30 and rising on the country charts.

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