HARDY’s taking a break from the action with “TRUCK BED”

ABC/Larry McCormack

HARDY‘s changing things up with his new single, “TRUCK BED.”

With a vibrant production and lighthearted story, the song’s admittedly less action-packed than his earlier singles “ONE BEER,” “GIVE HEAVEN SOME HELL” and the Lainey Wilson-assisted “wait in the truck.”

“‘TRUCK BED’ is fun. It’s kind of a break in [the] action of my last list of singles coming off of basically a song about teenage pregnancy, a song about death and a song about domestic violence,” HARDY tells ABC Audio.

“It’s just a fun song about getting locked out of your house and getting drunk out in your front yard,” he explains. “I mean, something really simple, but it’s fun. It’s [an] incredibly fun song to do live.”

“I’m excited to kind of switch it up and do something a little different radio, something a little less serious,” adds HARDY. 

You can find “TRUCK BED” on HARDY’s latest album, the mockingbird & THE CROW. The song’s currently in the top 40 and rising on the country charts.

HARDY’s the mockingbird & THE CROW Fall Tour kicks off August 31 in Knoxville, Tennessee, with Lainey and Dylan Marlowe joining as opening acts. For the full list of dates, visit hardyofficial.com.

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