Lainey Wilson + Stella Rosa join for inspiring campaign


Stella Rosa Wines has tapped country star Lainey Wilson for their Moments Made Sweeter campaign.

The new collaboration focuses on highlighting and celebrating one’s journey in life, not just the destination. 

“It has been a wild ride to where I am today. Growing up in a small town, I spent weekends playing fairs, festivals, birthdays, you name it. Whatever I could do to get in front of people and play music,” Lainey recalls in a commercial.

“Life comes at you quick. Take time for yourself, turn up your favorite song and dance like no one’s watching. We all have something to celebrate. Me? I’m still chasing that little girl’s dream, continuing to put gas in the tank, fuel on the fire and Stella Rosa Wine in my glass,” she reflects.

“I’m grateful to be here, so I’m celebrating every show, every song, every moment – big or small,” Lainey says. “Moments are that much sweeter with Stella Rosa.”

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