Priscilla Block recalls being invited to sing with Justin Moore: “It was such an honor

Courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

As “You, Me And Whiskey” fast approaches the top of the country charts, Priscilla Block recalls the moment she was invited to join Justin Moore on their soaring duet. 

“My team reached out to me and they were like, ‘Hey, Justin has this song, and he wanted to see what you would think about maybe being on it.’ And I was like, ‘What?'” Priscilla recounts.

“I was so excited, and I listened to it, and I mean I write all my songs, so this was the first song that I had been pitched from the songwriting aspect to like, ‘What do you think of it?'” she explains. “When I listened to it, I was like this song feels like so me. I love whiskey, so it totally made sense.”

“And then just obviously getting that invite, it was just such an honor,” Priscilla adds. “It’s cool because I’ve always been such a big fan. So, when I heard it, it just made sense. It felt like me and just like felt so right. I was like, ‘Let’s Go! When are we getting in the studio?’ And it all played out perfect.”

“You, Me And Whiskey” is currently #3 on the country charts and can be found on Justin’s latest album, Stray Dog.

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