Thomas Rhett’s kids are “very transparent” about the songs they like: “They’re great A&R people”


As Thomas Rhett prepares to release his upcoming 20 NUMBER ONES vinyl, he’s sharing which of his songs his daughters enjoy and the type of music they typically gravitate to.

“I think my kids always lean toward beat and melody, and then I’m usually one that leans towards words. So playing a super heartfelt ballad on the way to soccer practice is just not what’s going to get my kids juiced up, you know?” Thomas says with a laugh.

“They’re very vocal and they’re very transparent as to what songs they love of mine and what songs that they’re just kind of like whatever to,” he notes.

When it comes to specific songs, Thomas recalls the two singles that really did resonate with his children.

‘Look What God Gave Her’ was a big hit for my kids. ‘What’s Your Country Song’ was a big hit for my kids,” Thomas reveals. “It kind of just goes to show that anything … with tempo and melody really works for all of my children.”

“They’re great A&R people. They really are,” he adds. “If they’re bored in 30 seconds, it probably means that the rest of the 8-year-olds in the country are bored in 30 seconds. And so, it’s kind of cool to apply that in terms of making a full record.”

Thomas’ 20 NUMBER ONES arrives September 29 and is available for preorder now.

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