Lauren Alaina + mom Kristy do the Egg Crack Challenge

Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

There’s never a dull moment when you’re with Lauren Alaina.

Recently, Lauren and her mom, Kristy, jumped on the bandwagon and participated in TikTok’s Egg Crack Challenge. Of course, Lauren didn’t miss a beat and shared the hilarious footage on TikTok.

“All yolks aside… this cracks me up,” Lauren captions the video. The clip opens with Kristy calling Lauren to join her in front of the camera. As soon as she arrives, Kristy asks, “Do you know how to tell whether this egg is bad or not?” Before Lauren could answer, she cracks the egg on her daughter’s forehead, leaving her jaw dropped and dumbfounded.

Lauren gets her revenge afterward when she cracks an egg on her mom’s forehead, too, as they both break out in laughter. “That’s mother abuse,” Kristy says in jest.

You can watch the prank in full on Lauren’s TikTok.

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