Parmalee unveils deluxe album, ‘For You 2’

Courtesy of BBR Music Group

Parmalee has dropped their new album, For You 2.

The project is an expanded collection of 2021’s For You and features five new songs, including Parmalee’s current single, “Girl In Mine.”

“In those two years between the original and the deluxe, we kept writing songs,” shares lead singer Matt Thomas. “The good thing about this time in-between is that you can dig in and keep beating what you have. There was a progression.”

“We want to have different songs to complete For You 2, that still fit the whole vibe,” adds Matt. 

“Girl In Mine” is currently #4 and ascending the country charts.

Here’s the For You 2 track list:

“Only You”
“Just the Way”
“Backroad Girl”
“Take My Name”
“I Do”
“Miss You Now”
“Greatest Hits”(featuring Fitz)
“Better With You”
“Forget You” (featuring Avery Anna)
“Alone Like That”
“I See You”
“I’ll Take The Chevvy”
“For You”
“Girl In Mine”
“Gonna Love You”
“Is It Just Me”
“Wish I Never Loved You”

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