Carly Pearce + Lucy Hale get startled by a bee while filming


It’s not every day a bee makes a cameo in one of your video shoots.

Carly Pearce recently shared an off-camera clip of a bee popping up out of nowhere while she was filming a behind-the-scenes video with actress Lucy Hale.

Lucy starred in the music video for Carly’s single, “We Don’t Fight Anymore.” In the BTS clip, both stars are seated on the patio chatting when a bee flies toward Lucy.

“Whoa,” Lucy says before screaming and getting out of her seat. “No, no! No, no sir,” Carly exclaims. “We out here in the country.”

“I’m willing to get stung for you,” Lucy tells Carly, to which Carly responds, “You can push me off here if you get stung, truly.”

Things seemingly calm down until the bee makes another guest appearance, leaving both ladies screaming in fear once again.

You can watch the video in full on Carly’s Instagram.

“We Don’t Fight Anymore” is currently #34 on the country charts and serves as the lead single off Carly’s upcoming as-yet-untitled new album.

To see Carly on her ongoing Country Music Made Me Do It Tour, visit her website.

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