ERNEST wants to legalize country music

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM

Could ERNEST be running for mayorship? Potentially yes, according to his socials.

The “Flower Shops” hitmaker’s recent Instagram posts have included a campaign poster with the words “ERNEST for MAYOR” and “legalize country music” on it, as well as video campaigning for support.

“Nashville, the home of country music, families, bachelorette parties and me, ERNEST. I love this town more than everything, and that’s why I’m running for ‘may-ern,'” ERNEST said in his video. “Country music’s deep and vast repertoire is expanding and becoming more beautiful every day. But those at the top don’t want you to hear it. 

“So this April, I’m asking for your support as we fight to legalize country music. Together, we can all win,” he added.

More will be revealed on Wednesday, March 23. For more information, head to

On the music front, ERNEST’s latest studio album is 2023’s FLOWERS SHOPS (THE ALBUM): Two Dozen Roses. Following this, he released ERNEST & The Fellas Unplugged and the songs “Takes After You” and “Kiss of Death.”

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