Parker McCollum talks vision + taking risks for “Burn It Down” music video

Courtesy of MCA Nashville

With “Burn It Down” soaring up the country charts, Parker McCollum‘s giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the fiery music video.

“It was shot in New Mexico on the Laguna Indian Reservation and the sweetest people in the world, they took such good care of us. I mean, just pure,” shares Parker. “I liked them more than I really liked filming the video.”

If you’ve seen the video, you know it’s hot, smoky and full of pyrotechnics, which is what Parker had in mind right from the start.

“I talked to Dustin [Haney], the director, and I was like, ‘Man, I feel like wherever we are, we’re just blowing stuff up. And so let’s go blow some stuff up and burn it down,'” Parker says. “He had a great vision out there in New Mexico. We’re in a desert. I mean, the desert desert. It’s like the ocean, but sand. Middle of the ocean, but sand.”

“It was actually really cold [in] the morning then it got really hot at night and then the smoke and the fire, and they want me to walk through it over and over, take after take after take,” the Texas native recalls.

“I’m walking through like this chemical burning black smoke [and] I’m like, ‘This is really risking it for a music video,'” he continues. “But it turned out great.”

“Burn It Down” is now #4 on the country charts. You can find it on Parker’s latest album, Never Enough, which arrived in 2023 and spawned the #1 hit “Handle on You.”

Parker’s headlining Burn It Down Tour continues in April with shows in Texas, Louisiana, Virginia and more. Tickets and a full list of dates are available now at

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