Ashley McBryde is dedicated to hand-signing merch


Ever wondered how Ashley McBryde spends her mornings on tour? Well, you’re in luck, because she’s giving you a glimpse via a newly shared Instagram Reel.

The video opens with a fresh-faced Ashley describing how her mornings start, before getting to the task at hand: signing posters.

“Hi, I just woke up. I know you can see that by how good my hair looks. But this is what I do. I come in and there’s stuff to sign. I’ll show you. You’ll see they’re not signed right now, and then when you get here they will be signed,” Ashley said.

Halfway through signing, Ashley told viewers that the markers had stopped working, further clarifying that she hand-signs all items.

“This marker quit, and this marker quit, and this marker quit, in the middle of a signature. So I just wanted to cover that real quick ’cause I will sign that again with a marker that does work,” she explained. “I can’t believe, was it Europe? Where somebody got on the fan page and was just like, ‘They’re all printed, they’re not signed.'”

Ashley’s currently on her The Devil I Know Tour. For tickets and a full list of dates, head to

Ashley’s latest album, The Devil I Know, arrived in 2023 and features its lead single, “Light On in the Kitchen,” and the title track, which is making its way up the country charts.

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