Hailey Whitters on her signature style + seeing young girls dress like her


By now, you probably know Hailey Whitters has a signature style — one that often has her in a bright prairie dress. But did you know that this distinctive look came about serendipitously?

“I don’t know if I ever intentionally settled on that,” Hailey tells ABC Audio. “You know, when I first started out, it was me and my creative director, and we were broke. I would wear a lot of her hand-me-downs, or we would go to a thrift store or a vintage store and buy a bunch of things.”

“If you saw the things that we’d done to make work in like photoshoots, you’d be amazed,” she says.

While not created intentionally, Hailey says her present-day fashion style harkens back to her younger days.

“I grew up doing dance recitals since I was 3 years old, and being in costume and kind of being a little over-the-top and a little extra [has] always been really fun to me,” she shares. “So we just leaned hard into it and just kept going.”

Now, Hailey’s inspired young girls to dress like her, and she loves seeing them out at shows.

“It’s been so cute. I was on the Luke Bryan tour, and someone in his crew was like, ‘There are so many girls out in the crowd right now that look like you.’ They wear these little prairie dresses and cowgirl boots and ribbons in their hair, and it’s so cute,” Hailey shares. 

Hailey’s currently on tour with Dan + Shay on their Heartbreak On The Map Tour. For a full list of dates, visit Hailey’s website.

Hailey’s currently making her way up the country charts with “I’m In Love,” the title track off her latest six-song EP.

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