Carly Pearce’s “My Place” was inspired by a heartbreaking dream

Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Carly Pearce is previewing her forthcoming album with a new track, “My Place.”

Out now, the song, which Carly wrote with Lauren Hungate and Jordan Reynolds, paints the picture of one’s post-breakup life and the struggle to cope with what was.

“It ain’t my place/ To question if there’s someone fillin’ my space/ Ain’t my business tryna picture four-by-sixes with her in ’em/ If she does things that I didn’t/ Wonderin’ what the hell I’m wonderin’ for/ It ain’t my place ’cause it ain’t my place anymore,” Carly sings in the chorus.

“I wrote this song about a dream I had long before the relationship I was in ended, but I knew that it would,” says Carly. “It’s hard to watch people move on and realize your heart can’t live there anymore, but that realization is the beginning of the healing process.”

You can find “My Place” on Carly’s forthcoming new album, hummingbird, arriving June 14. Its Chris Stapleton-assisted lead single, “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” is making its way up the country charts.

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Carly’s also set to present at Sunday’s CMT Music Awards. You can tune in at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+.

Hummingbird is available for preorder and presave now.

Here’s the full track list for hummingbird:

“Country Music Made Me Do It”
“Truck on Fire”
“Still Blue”
“Heels Over Head”
“We Don’t Fight Anymore” featuring Chris Stapleton
“Rock Paper Scissors”
“My Place”
“Things I Don’t Chase”
“Woman to Woman”
“Fault Line”
“Pretty Please”
“Trust Issues”

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