Scotty McCreery recalls his dad’s funny confusion over “Cab in a Solo”

Courtesy of Triple Tigers Records

If you were confused by the “drinking cab in a solo, solo in the cab of my truck” line in Scotty McCreery‘s latest single, you’re not alone.

That typical bafflement and follow-up reaction is actually what Scotty loves about “Cab in a Solo.”

“I’ll always love the hook on ‘Cab in a Solo,’ especially just when we sent the song out to radio [and] sent the song out to fans,” Scotty tells ABC Audio. “They see the title and they’re like, ‘What the heck is this song going to be about?’ And then they listen to it and it clicks.”

“For a lot of people, it took two or three listens for it to click and they’re like, ‘Oh,'” he shares.

Listeners and fans weren’t the only ones Scotty confused. His father also had trouble interpreting the meaning of “Cab in a Solo” at the onset.

“Even my dad was like, “So, ‘Cab in a Solo,’ it’s like cab, just like wine, right?'” And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘And solo’s just like a cup, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah?’ He was like, ‘Solo, drinking by yourself in the cab, oh,'” Scotty recounts.

“It’s like, he pieced it together just [by] talking about it. It’s like, “Yeah dad, you’re right,'” shares the country star. 

“Cab in a Solo” is now #2 and approaching the peak of the country charts. You can find it on Scotty’s forthcoming fifth album, Rise & Fall, arriving May 10.

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