Keith + Lainey are ready to “GO HOME W U”

Courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

The highly anticipated Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson collaboration, “GO HOME W U,” has arrived.

Of the track’s songwriting genesis, Keith shares in a press release, “I wrote ‘GO HOME W U’ in 2020 with BRELAND, Sam (Sumser) and Sean (Small). We had a blast writing it. It started out as a late-night drum loop, I grabbed a bass guitar and started playing a simple recurring bass line.”

“Before we knew it, we were writing a chorus that could be sung by any drunk person in any bar anywhere in the world,” he recalls. “A friend of mine suggested the idea of making the song a duet and I immediately thought of Lainey. Besides the fact that I love her voice, she’s got the swagger and attitude that fit so well with the song.”

Lainey adds, “Keith has been someone in the industry I’ve taken notes from for a while now. From watching him at CMA Fest every year growing up to hearing the way he treats people up and down music row, he has taught me a lot.”

“He’s a genuine supporter of mine and I am honored I get to continue to learn from one of the best,” says the “Heart Like a Truck” singer. “Getting to do a song with Keith is a notch on my belt I am very proud of.”

“GO HOME W U” is the latest preview of Keith’s upcoming new album, slated for the fall. His recent releases include “Straight Line” and “Messed Up as Me,” which is now #28 and ascending the country charts.

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