Raise your glass for Post Malone + Blake Shelton’s “Pour Me a Drink”

Courtesy of Mercury Records/Republic Records

TGIF: Post Malone and Blake Shelton‘s party anthem, “Pour Me a Drink,” has finally arrived! 

Posty and Blake assume the personae in the song as two down-and-out friends who’ve been pretty beaten up by life.

“Forty hours got me goin’ out my mind/ Dallas dropped another game in overtime/ Caught a ticket speeding down the 65/ Don’t know where I’m goin’,” Posty laments in the opening verse before Blake arrives with his set of issues.

“Guess I really went and messed it up again/ Now, my baby’s goner than the Tulsa wind/ Judgin’ by the stone-sober state I’m in/ Need to crack one wide open,” Blake bemoans.

Though their problems never really go away, the singers decide to have a much-deserved break and enjoy a drink with good company.

“Somebody pour me a drink, somebody bum me a smoke/ I’m ’bout to get on a buzz, I’m ’bout to get on a roll/ Yeah, I been breakin’ my back just keepin’ up with the Joneses/ Y’all know what I mean, and y’all know how it goes/ When it’s up on a Friday and I’m paid, slide one over my way/ I can’t even think when I can hear one callin’ my name/ Somebody pour me a drink/ Pour me a drink,” goes the chorus.

“Pour Me a Drink” and the Morgan Wallen-assisted “I Had Some Help” will be on Posty’s forthcoming debut country album, F-1 Trillion, which arrives Aug. 16 and can be preordered and presaved now.

Coming up, you can catch Posty and Blake sing “Pour Me a Drink” on the Ashley McBryde and Jelly Roll-hosted CMA Fest special, airing June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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